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    About Us - Car Tinted Johor Bahru 新山汽车隔热膜

    We are specialize in tinting glass for automotive, residential & commercial. Cooling, safety and security are top priorities in picking out a tint for your cars. Llumar is the world's leading brand of architectural window film provider. We are the only Llumar authorize dealer in Johor Bahru (JB), Johor, Malaysia. With 15 years’ experience in tinted glass industry, we are glad to receive an overwhelming support from customers. We will never compromise in our standard and always give our customers top notch quality installation work. 

    Our Partners

    Honda   Mazda   Mercedes-Benz   Nissan   Volkswagen   Volvo
    At year 2015, we have ventured our business to car coating service – Nisucoat. A total protection to car body paint, the glass coating technology protect your car from color deterioration due to oxidation and harsh environments.