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    Car Detailing

    How We Do Car Wash

    At our company, we have two types of car wash packages (normal wash and details wash). For details wash, we provide cleaning services for body paint, window glass, plastic trim and rim. The details of the wash package also include an interior vacuum, steamer cleaning and anti bacterial service. To protect your car, we are using professional tools, chemical and cloths to clean your car.

    How We Do Interior Cleaning

    As you know, car interiors have many special material, like pigmented leather, semi leather, alcantara, fablic and pvc. To do cleaning and protection for all material, you need professional chemicals, tools and leather care products. Most of the products are from Germany Colourlock.

    How We Do Polishing

    At our company, we have three types of packages of services (Soft polish, Hard polish and Mirror cut polish).
    1. Soft polish services we do polish out dirt and iron powder swirl mark.
    2. Hard polish services we do polish out dirt, iron powder swirl mark and scratches
    3. Mirror cut polish services we do polish out dirt, iron powder swirl mark, scratches and reduce orange peel.

    Paint Protection Wax and Coating

    In our company, for car paint protection solution, we have wax, sealant, glass coating, ceramic coating and self healing coating. Depends on how many years you want the coating can be last we will purpose for you, warranty of 1-7 years. Hardness from 3-9H. Layer of coating from 2-9 layers also have. The coating functions we have are self cleaning, UV protection and self healing. Others than paint coating, we also have plastic coating, window glass coating, rim coating, PPF and vinyl coating.