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Car Tinted

  Team Introduction
Our boss started doing this tinted business since years 2000. To give you professional service, we have more than 30 skilled technician and 5 locations to stand by to serve you. We have more than 20 year’s of installation experience and can solve 99% of tinted problem.
  What Tinted We
In our company, we have film technology like (Ir Dyed Film, Nano Ceramic Film, Sputter Film, Multi layer Sputter Film, Multi layer Optical Film, Safety & Security Film), product imports from the USA, China, Japan and Korea. The brands we are using are (LLumar, Vkool, 3M, Xpel and Fitint).
  What Skill Provide
We can provide a 99% tinted install job result, a result you can get like no scratches, without knife install, without removing any panel install, we can control 99% without dust install, you tell us what you need, we try our best to give to you, we install more than 6,000 units of cars a year with this data, we solve many of your tint problems.
For the tinted warranty, we cover peeling, discoloring, bubbling, film cracking, spec reduce 3% warranty and some product we also warranty for saman. To own your trust, we also provide a money back guarantee if you buy tint at our shop is not genuine.
  Who is Our Customer
We are the vendor for Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Honda, BYD, Mazda, Chery, Mitsubishi and Proton.
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Copyright 2023 FIPAI Group | 新山汽车隔热膜 | Car Tinted Film Johor Bahru (JB)
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